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"The cap in the evening was Cassie Urbany. When I hear the name Cassie, I think of the Animorphs character who turns into a wolf, like everyone else does I’m sure. Now I’m going to be thinking of a woman showing up STOKED about the Eagles in her war jersey ready to serve up a massive dose of country-rock-folk that’s a little bit dark, but a little uplifing at the same time. We ended the evening listening to her musical stories and sweet voice in the outside seating area of Libertine, and it was a great way to just have nighttime wash over us. Her music was a great soundtrack to our very tired bodies after hosting this event for over 8 hours. When Cassie’s last sonorous note concluded, we knew something important had come to a close, and we were excited to talk to her about her great music. Here she is before the curtain went down."

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